Article written for Oowomaniya

It is always nice waking up to the aroma of a fresh pot of tea! Whether you like it first thing in the morning or later in the day, a cup of tea can give you the necessary boost to get started or keep going. As a tea-lover, I appreciate a well-brewed cup of tea, preferably flavored with mint, ginger, lemon grass, or a pinch of aromatic spices. The taste of a good cup of tea can vary from the tapriwali chai to the one served in a 5-star hotel.But the place of a perfect blend of homemade masala chai, enjoyed in the company of family and friends, remains sacred. READ ON…


Article written for Oowomaniya

I am pretty sure you have heard a lot of weight loss tips over and over again, but to what extent have we actually implemented these tips? That will ultimately make all the difference!

Obesity is an important global health problem, that is responsible for the rise in diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) etc. not just in adults but is affecting children and young adults as well. READ ON…


……..7. What is your idea of a good and complete meal ? 

A meal that satisfies all your senses, nourishes your body and soul is a good and complete meal. A healthy meal presented beautifully that smells, tastes, looks great, and makes you feel good at the end of the meal, is a meal one should strive for. It can be a simple khichadi with vegetables, balanced with a raita and fruit or a fancy, 3 course meal that starts with a light soup, leads to a gourmet sandwich & side salad and ends with a small portion of fruity-chocolaty dessert. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW…


Article written for The Kettlery, a tea boutique in Ahmedabad

Life with its bundle of stressors can take a toll on us, unless we guard our body and mind with the necessary shields for defence. Take a quick look at your lifestyle and evaluate if you are eating healthy, exercising enough, taking time to relax, and managing stress well. If you are taking steps in this direction, then give yourself a pat on the back and keep doing it; if not, this can be your chance to rethink your lifestyle and give it your best shot! READ ON…