A Public Health Nutritionist by training and a foodie by birth, I love to cook and serve my friends and family delicious and nutritious dishes. I can’t stop thinking about how food can shape up your health, sharpen your senses, and change your life. Don’t worry about the nutritional composition of the final dish – leave that part to me! You can just enjoy your cooking and eating. I hope I am successful in turning this everyday chore into a more fun and desirable activity of your fast-paced day. 
At the city palace in Udaipur, India
Besides cooking, I love traveling to new places, dabbling with my camera, sampling good food, visiting different farmer’s markets, hiking to experience nature in different seasons, listening to music, dancing, or doing Bollywood Dancercise. 🙂 I am still honing my skills to get better at food photography and designing.
Strawberry picking in California
A cooking class in Paris

Produce at the farmer’s market in Hilo, HI.


I started compiling my recipes after my knee injury worsened. During that phase, I could stand for only 15-20 minutes, forcing me to take frequent breaks to rest my knee. That’s when I learned to prepare meals at my most efficient level. It then struck me that these recipes can help others cook quick meals for their families. And so here I am sharing my healthy and quick recipes. Most of the dishes can be cooked in 20 – 30 minutes. I have also thrown in some >30 minute recipes for the days when you have more time on hand or wish to indulge.


Is inspired by my mom and her cooking, I bring to you a treasure of recipes that your palate will remember. Here you shall discover ways to make delicious & nutritious meals for your family. Explore the myriad Indian spices as well as other cuisines or try the fusion recipes. Experience the heat of the chili, or the soothing taste of ginger, the blissful combination of sugar and butter/ghee and the crackling sound of the tempering. Learn to enjoy everything in moderation.

Cook and enjoy nourishing meals at home with your family as much as possible, without spending too much time or cluttering the sink with a lot of pots and pans. I am sharing my tricks and techniques that my mom has taught me in her kitchen. A lot of guests remember every meal eaten at my parents’ place in Mumbai. I hope I can bring the same taste to your dining table!


My weakness is mango – I love anything and everything with mango in it. Amongst the herbs, I inevitably use mint and cilantro! I love tea and cannot live a single day without masala chai, tea brewed with ginger, mint, cinnamon, or lemon grass. Okra and spinach are my top choices for vegetables. What are your favorite foods? 

What are your favorite foods? 



You will learn a lot about nutrition as you read my recipes and different features or tabs in my blog. The GOOD TO KNOW section has many tips and tricks to ensure you get maximum nutrients from your cooking and planning of meals. In my recipes I include snippets to indicate the nutritional profile of the dish and how you can complement it to make a balanced meal.


I prefer to work with simple ingredients – fresh or dried ingredients, rarely frozen or canned. I do my best to avoid use of any artificial mixes, ready-made sauces, pastes, anything containing artificial preservatives or additives. If ingredients in their pure form can do the trick, then there is no need to add a ton of different preservatives to our body. I like to work systematically in a well-organized kitchen and be done quickly.
I feel the need to honor every ingredient by letting it stand out and for us to notice it! Every ingredient is chosen with its nutrient profile in mind.
A well-organized kitchen can help you multi-task smoothly! If your kitchen is clutter-free, you will see how efficiently you can function in that space even if it is a small kitchen. The experience is more enjoyable when you have a grip on the cookware and your food ingredients, spices etc are placed close at hand.
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Cooking is not just a Science where some knowledge of food chemistry does help, but it is also a form of Art and a Skill to learn. As you enjoy cooking, you will realize that you can actually move around or chop vegetables to music, enjoy the aroma, listen to the sizzling of vegetables, gracefully add the ingredients, and finally present the food with lots of love…only after tasting it! 🙂
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All the contents of my blog, including the photographs, the text, recipes, ingredient combinations & their proportions, method, are my original work, owned by Sonali Suratkar-Sonalkar, which means it is Copyrighted with © All Rights Reserved. Original links of my posts can be used while acknowledging myself. Recipes, Ingredient combinations & proportions and the procedure, photographs CANNOT be reproduced or copied in any form. No work from this blog may be used for republishing or commercial purposes without my permission.


The recipes in this blog are my creative work. Seasonal, regional variations in the ingredients would affect the final taste of the dish. I have done by best to measure the ingredients, calculate nutrients and record the process. I try to use ingredients that are of good quality to the best of my knowledge. Any dietary advice or recommendation on this blog will be updated with new research findings. Advice or recommendation may be implemented at your discretion and responsibility.


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      1. Can you suggest me something healthy & quick for my breakfast? I stay in a Hostel & have to leave for my college early which offers not much time for breakfast preparation. This is the problem I’ve been facing for years 🙁

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    1. Hey Apsara, I am a very happy follower of your blog! 🙂 I love your recipes and the way you present the information. Its impressive because even without nutrition background you are doing a great job! 🙂 I am learning a lot from you since I am still new in the blogging community!! Thanks so much for sharing and helping so many people to eat healthy! Might bother you for some cooking tips now and then too! 😛

  2. Hi, Sonali! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for some strange (strange according to anyone who is not me) combination of ingredients and then I browsed through a few of your recipes. While doing so I realized that there is someone else who thinks like me and wants to innovate recipes. I will definitely be using some of your recipes and killing diet blues 🙂

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