Leftover Bisi bele bath kebabs

My cookbook has kept me busy and away from most things I would do or find a reason to do. Now, I have some time to post a recipe today.

I love khichadis – a comfort food made with soft cooked rice and dals (split pulses). They are easy to make, and very versatile too. Depending on my mood, I alter the dals or whole legumes, add different vegetables (or skip them), lightly season or experiment with interesting spice powders to make different flavored khichadis. Khichadis can make for a well balanced meal (all-in-one) when served with raita (yogurt veggie dip) and an irresistible side of masala papad & some pickle! Who can say no to such a delicious meal? Well, the only disadvantage of khichadis is that they are no fun as a leftover. This time, instead of my regular khichadi recipes, I got adventurous and made Bisibele bath (a, the flavorful south Indian dal and rice preparation with vegetables and ground spices). Now, I am wondering what to do with the little that is left over.

one pot bisibele bath_corr


Itspotluck is hosting #itsLeftoverMakeover contest as part of the EarthDay2016 campaign, a step towards reducing food waste. Itspotluck is a great platform for posting your recipes. They also deliver home-cooked food in the Ahmedabad area.

So I am thinking of making kebabs using a cupful of bisi bele bath (recipe in my upcoming cookbook) and the two baby eggplants I found in the fridge. Alright, let’s get started with the leftover makeover recipe and create an interesting breakfast or light lunch.

bisibele bath leftover kebab_corr_2




bisibele bath leftover kebab_3


Time: 20-30 mins


(serves 2 – makes 24 small kebabs)

1 cup leftover bisi bele bath

1/4 cup besan (chickpea flour) 

1/2 medium onion, chopped

2 baby eggplant, shredded

2 garlic cloves, grated

cilantro chopped, optional

1/2 tsp red chili powder

salt to taste

ghee/ oil 2-3 tsp



Transfer the leftover bisibele bath to a mixing bowl and add all the ingredients except ghee or oil. You may add more besan or bread crumbs if your bisi bele bath is more runny to begin with. Keep the mixture slightly moist, as it makes soft, moist kebabs that are crisp on the outside.

Heat an appe pan or aebleskiver pan and add a 1-2 drops of ghee/oil in each well.

When it’s hot enough add a teaspoonful of mixture and cover the pan. Cook the kebabs on medium heat for 3-4 minutes.

Add 1-2 drops on each kebab, and flip them over when bottom side is done.  Cook them without the cover for 3-4 minutes. If they are not easy to flip, then wait for a minute or two and then flip. 

When done, transfer to your plate and enjoy with hot and sweet sauce (my favorite) for breakfast. Or enjoy over a bed of baby spinach and hot and sweet sauce for a light meal.


Per 12 small kebabs : 260 Cals | 9 g protein | 8 g total fat | 7 g fiber

This dish is packed with protein and fiber and is an important source of potassium and magnesium (good for people with high blood pressure)



Instead of chickpea flour, you can use 1 slice whole grain bread that is toasted and ground to crumbs

You can replace eggplant with any vegetable of your preference. I had eggplant in the fridge and so I used it! 🙂

Use khichadi leftover to make these kebabs. You can add some garam masala if your khichadi was lightly seasoned/ spiced.